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HGST is a global storage hardware and software company. Their solutions integrate with their customer’s existing systems to help meet business goals by eliminating the performance and scalability issues that affect their environments.




“Long Live Data” Video

Project Brief

Compass Rose Media partnered with HGST to develop a powerful brand messaging video to lead off a technology and brand event in San Francisco. HGST wanted to present a story about the role of data in everyday life and, more specifically, the human side of people interacting with technology.

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CRM’s Role

Working within timeframe and budget constraints, CRM was able to write an original script for the project that became the foundation for the visual poem. Time constraints lead us down a path of leveraging stock footage, as there was no time to shoot new footage. CRM integrated that footage with custom graphics and animation, providing a visual energy to the story that was both engaging and compelling.


The “Long Live Data” video was so well received during the event that HGST decided to feature it prominently on their website. It also received a fair share of accolades by the press and won a Silver Telly award.

In addition to the primary full-length video, CRM created a 30-second spot which aired nationally. The video had become so successful that HGST approached Compass Rose about re-formatting the video for the NASDAQ display in New York City’s Times Square. With every new request, CRM was able to help HGST make a powerful and lasting impression.

Success by Design

Leveraging a successful project’s assets in multiple places and ways comes by design—not as an afterthought. It’s important to ask about the project’s intended uses during preproduction. Many times, our clients don’t fully understand the different ways they can leverage a project’s media assets to create deliverables for other projects, increasing their project’s ROI. In the case of this project, CRM created a 30-second spot in addition to the primary video. CRM’s editorial flexibility made it possible to write a script for both videos. CRM also negotiate buyout rights for all the footage. Doing that after the original video was created, would have been an expensive proposition, and, with this project’s budget, prohibitive.

Why Compass Rose Media

Growing back to our Video Production roots, CRM applied various optical special effects using a mix of graphics and animation over live action footage. By leveraging stock video instead of shooting it ourselves, the CRM crew was able to save the client thousands in production costs and finished ahead of schedule.

For over 20 years Compass Rose Media has specialized in creating custom video for numerous product launches, marketing campaigns, and building brand presence. Our experience and technical knowledge of film and video production not only gives us access to every trick of the trade, but also provides us unique insight into the art of visual storytelling.

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