Finding the Right Partner

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Cloud Service Provider’s App

Project Brief

EMC has an extensive list of service providers that it partners with to deliver services to end customers. EMC needed a better way for its sales force to access and find the right partner based on the needs of a customer.

CRM's Role

Compass Rose Media built a robust database from information that had to first be scrubbed and sorted. Raw data needed to be categorized in a way that would facilitate complex searches quickly.

The challenge was creating an easy way to surface the right service provider for any given situation.

For additional convenience, Compass Rose Media hosts the cloud based service, which automatically syncs with the app as it launches, eliminating the need to push updates.


EMC’s Cloud Service Providers app was the go-to tool for EMC sales representatives, who used it for training, reference, and customer sales. The app’s update feature ensured all content was current, and enabled the EMC sales force to be prepared and confident when matching service providers with a customer’s needs.

Creating a Focused UX

There were different use cases CRM needed to consider in designing this user experience. The app needed to function, first and foremost, as an individual’s research tool. EMC also desired that the app could support sales pitches and presentations.

The app and backend was designed to support a variety of media formats. Data needed to be updated on an ongoing basis. We designed a custom CMS that made the process efficient and seamless.

Why Compass Rose Media

One of Compass Rose Media’s strengths is our ability to create and connect an intuitive user interface to large amounts of data, allowing even the most novice of users to be up and running immediately.

CRM’s UX team was able to take something complex and present an uncompromised user experience with the right tools for the project’s targeted users.

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