Replacing the Magazine in the Waiting Room

Abbott Vascular, a division of Abbott Labs, is a global leader in cardiac and vascular care. They offer market-leading products committed to advancing patient care by transforming the treatment of vascular disease through medical device innovations, investments in research and development, and physician training and education.


Abbott Vascular


Women’s Vascular Health App

Project Brief

Abbott Vascular wanted to create an app to help U.S. healthcare providers educate their patients about women’s vascular health. By co-branding with physicians and hospitals, Abbott could reach an underserved audience.

CRM's Role

The common practice of reading a magazine while waiting in the doctor’s office provided a reference point for CRM’s design approach. Replacing the magazine with an iPad was not only an easy transition for patients, but also acted as a catalyst for patient engagement. This allowed patients to learn relevant women’s health information while waiting for their appointments.

CRM took Abbott’s medical heavy content and presented it in an easy to digest, intuitive experience. CRM presented the technical information to users in a light, engaging way through features such as an e-learning quiz. The most unique and popular feature was the ability of the patient to email or print materials found in the app to share and review in more depth later.

Physician Adoption

The app was successfully integrated into the practices of many cardiologists and general practitioners. It has given doctors and patients a compelling way to talk about potential heart health issues.

A Better User Experience

Fundamental to any app creation is Compass Rose Media’s attention to the user experience. In the case of this app, the UX was two fold. First, there were the physicians, many of which aren’t technically sophisticated. They had to be able understand the features in the app in order to utilize the custom branding functions.

Secondly, the Interface had to be designed for a patient that may not have ever used a tablet. While iOS is designed to be intuitive, CRM ensured the app was easy to use by even to most novice user. The quick adoption of the app speaks to our success.

Why Compass Rose Media

Compass Rose Media’s medical industry clients feel confident when approaching projects like these because of CRM familiarity navigating FDA regulations. Our agile methodology enables us to quickly modify apps as regulatory changes require.

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